Childbirth Classes


Private Class 

One 4 hour private session in the comfort of your home, with topics tailored to your specific concerns and areas of interest. My training as a Lamaze instructor, my admiration for Bradley Method relaxation techniques and my experience as a doula all come together to create an evidence-based class that focuses on a woman's innate ability to give birth. Whether you are planning to give birth at home, birth center or hospital, my goal is for you to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to have a positive birth experience. 

Topics covered include:

  • What defines a normal physiologic birth and how to have one

  • Healthy birth practices

  • Anatomy and physiology of labor

  • Stages of labor

  • Comfort measures for labor including breathing techniques, movement and positioning, relaxation techniques and massage

  • The partner's supporting role: what he can do before, during and after birth

  • Newborn procedures

  • 4th Trimester needs for Mom and Baby

  • 1-2 birth videos

  • Cloth Diapering basics (if interested)

A binder of handouts is included covering:

  • Healthy pregnancy (3rd Trimester focused) habits 

  • How to prepare for the birth process

  • Relaxation exercises and scripts

  • Handouts on information covered during class on positioning and comfort techniques

  • Postpartum recovery and planning

Other optional topics of interest

  • An in-depth look at the benefits and risks of medical interventions

  • VBAC  

  • Breastfeeding basics

  • Newborn care basics

  • Cloth Diapering basics

These additional topics will require an additional class at a rate of $25 per topic


$100 for doula clients

 *A $25 travel fee may apply for areas 30 miles outside of South Bend