For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has recognized the placenta as powerful and sacred medicine. Many mothers these days are choosing placenta encapsulation to support the delicate postpartum period of re-balancing and recovery. 

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Balances your system after childbirth

Less dramatic hormone fluctuation which reduces the severity of Postpartum Depression or 'Baby Blues"

Facilitates an easier postpartum recovery by speeding healing 

Reduces postpartum bleeding

Less postpartum pain or discomfort as it helps uterus return to its pre-pregnancy state

Replenishes depleted iron levels

Increases milk production

Increases energy after birth

Supports a happier postpartum period


I practice the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) of placenta encapsulation, which involves rinsing, gently steaming the placenta with lemon and ginger, then dehydrating and grinding it into a powder to place into capsules. I prefer this method because of the longer sustained energy it provides mothers with, as well the warming healing effects it has on a postpartum mother's Qi, life energy, which is found to be cold after birth.

The Raw Method is different from the TCM method in that the placenta is not steamed before dehydrating. It is still dried, powdered and encapsulated. I am trained in the Raw Method as well and have no objection to processing a placenta in this way if requested.

I am happy to discuss the benefits of both traditions with you to help you decide what would best suit your body. 

What To Expect:

 As soon as possible after birth I will pick up your placenta and begin processing it in my home. I do this with the utmost honoring of your placenta, as well a strict sanitation method. Upon the completion of the two day process I deliver the pills to you and collect the payment then (cash or check).

Every placenta is different in size so the amount of capsules varies from 90-140. The capsules are size 00, (similar size as prenatal vitamins) vegetable based and gluten free.

Where to begin:

If you would like to hire me to encapsulate your placenta please fill out the form linked below. Once I have received the contract I will send a confirmation email and your date will be reserved on my calendar. If you have any questions before wanting to officially book the service you may send your questions via the contact page. 




$200 for Doula Clients*

*$25 Travel fee for areas 30 miles outside of South Bend

Add On Services

4oz Mama Tincture-$25

A highly concentrated alcohol based placenta remedy. This particular method has a very long shelf life and is easy to administer, by simply placing a few drops on your tongue. It is beneficial for mom and baby during times of stress, illness, transition, and emotional or hormonal imbalance including mother's first cycle after pregnancy, when baby starts consuming solids, weaning and menopause. 

*Can be made gluten free upon request

2oz Mama Healing Salve-$25

A natural healing salve based in organic coconut oil, almond oil and beeswax infused with organic healing herbs lavender, comfrey and calendula. Placenta powder is added for its healing and restorative qualities for the skin. It is beneficial for cesarian scars, perineal injuries, stretch marks, sore nipples, diaper rash, eczema and more to soothe, reduce inflammation and promote healing.


*I am OSHA Certified (Bloodborne Pathogen Training)*

Read more about Placentophagia here


Service Area 

Mishawaka, South Bend, Osceola, Elkhart, Goshen, Napanee, Lakeville, Plymouth

I am willing to travel, please contact me for more information


"Early on in my pregnancy, I knew that I would want to ingest my placenta.  My body has nutrient malabsorption issues, and I was in it primarily for reclaiming the nutrients that my body had made, which would be highly absorbable and tailored to my system.  There is also a strong history of postpartum depression in my family, so I figured it might help with that.  We were referred to Jessica’s encapsulation services by our doula.  We felt very comfortable and at-ease with her personality and professionalism.  She was great through the whole process, and we were very comfortable having her in our home doing the work while we were at the hospital.  She did a top-notch job.  The best surprise by far, however, is how helpful the placenta pills have been, even in ways I didn’t expect.  In the hospital and on the first day home, I was getting increasingly irritable at everyone except my baby.  I began taking the pills, and my husband noticed a difference in my mood after a few doses. The pills are very balancing and make me feel a lot more peaceful toward people and situations beyond my control.  In the first two weeks, we have dealt with a significant baby weight-loss scare, milk supply issues stemming from my intestinal malabsorption, and parents/in-laws not respecting our post-partum bonding plan.  Every time I have felt overwhelmed and hormonal, the pills have helped me back into balance, and suddenly the issue on my plate is not so insurmountable.  I haven’t been depressed, I enjoy my baby and family time, and I know I’m reabsorbing the nutrients my body made.  For me, placenta encapsulation has been beyond worthwhile, and it will be essential for any subsequent pregnancies.  I’m so grateful that Jessica’s services exist in our area."

"Jessica is truly tremendous! After my first birth experience (induction) being less than ideal she not only helped me bring my daughter into the world but she took the time to address the fears, concerns and questions I had about having an intervention-free birth. It made such an impact, emotionally, to know that she was there to support my husband and I. The biggest impact, however, was having my placenta encapsulated. Jessica took my placenta directly from the birth center to our home and prepared it for encapsulation. With my son, I experienced heavy bleeding for an extended period of time and postpartum anxiety for several months both of these symptoms ended up requiring prescription medications. It took months to feel back to normal energy levels. With a toddler, a newborn and my business to run I really wanted to do everything in my power to recover fully and quickly. I believe wholeheartedly that the placenta pills helped me do just that. I am so thankful to say that I have not experienced any of these things this time around. At my six week check up my iron levels were higher than they were when I gave birth. I felt like my energy was back to normal immediately. My midwife said that she thought the placenta pills were doing their job! If I had to summarize my feelings to one word...'Impressed'. Thank you for all you have done, Jessica!"