I had the privilege of being Jessica’s first birth.  Our journey together is something that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  She shared a wealth of knowledge throughout my pregnancy as our communications began via email. She took the time to ask important questions about the type of birth that I wanted and provided me with unbiased information on choices I needed to make.  Jessica’s presence put me, and others who were present for the birth, at ease.  I was able to labour at home longer than I would have had she not been there to support and reassure me.  It made the entire process natural and medication-free like I had wanted. Jessica made me believe that I had the strength to continue when I wasn’t sure that I could.

Jessica came prepared with a variety of tools, aromatherapy scents, and suggestions for different labour positions. She encouraged me to do what came naturally and supported me with her calm and soothing words.  She instinctually knew how to comfort me and offered me exactly what I needed through every step of labour, delivery, and postpartum. A nurse present in the delivery room made numerous comments about Jessica’s professionalism and said she would be honoured to work alongside her any day.  She was astounded to hear that it was Jessica’s first birth as a doula. 

We welcomed Grayson Cameron Blake into the world at 21:21 on September 30, 2013. Words cannot express how grateful I am for having Jessica as my doula.  She radiates love and her passion is evident in everything that she does.  I could not have done it without her.



We hired Jessica to be the doula for my son's birth and she was simply amazing. I honestly never knew much about doulas in advance, it was my other half that wanted one, and after seeing what Jessica brought to the process I don't think we could ever be without her again if more children come into the mix. She was inspiring, motivating, calm, and extremely knowledgeable about the entire birthing process start to finish. She will forever be engrained as a special angel who helped us through the birth of our boy. I highly recommend her to anyone considering utilizing a doula. Simply amazing!



Jessica's Doula services far surpassed my expectation during pregnancy, birth and beyond. From my very first contact with her she felt like an old friend. Not only did she listen intently to each of my concerns, but she also provided valuable insight that allowed me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy to the fullest. During the birth I was especially thankful for her words of encouragement between contractions that helped me savor the moment and find true joy in my birth. She helped me see that I am strong and able, and that everything I was feeling was normal. Thanks to Jessica, I had the birth I always wanted. If we are blessed with another baby, I most certainly want her by our side again!



Jessica was extremely helpful during the birth. Her calming presence made the birth go very quickly and smooth, and gave my wife the confidence she needed during labor. We would hire her again in an instant.



Having Jessica at our birth was like having a little angel on my shoulder that pushed me through all the hard times! I would not have been able to have the natural and beautiful birth I had imagined without her by our side. My husband too, is grateful for everything she had to offer throughout the whole process. Her knowledge helped so much before, during and after labor. From the moment we met I instantly felt comfortable and knew we would work together well. Even though we have not known each other for very long, I feel like we have such a deep relationship from sharing such an intense and emotional experience together. She came prepared with essential oils, candles, massage techniques, tea for me and beverages to keep my husband going! She created a peaceful and calming environment that helped me to relax and for this I am so thankful. Anyone who has Jessica as their Doula is in great hands and will get all the support they need and then some!

-Daniel, Maria and Ezra


Jessica Stackowicz was of absolute value to me during my birth. She was calm, professional, strong, extremely supportive, and extremely reliable. I cannot imagine giving birth without a doula after my experience with Jessica. 

This was my first birth, and before talking with Jessica, I did not even know what a doula was. Even after learning about doulas, a part of me wondered if they were just for those women whose mothers would not be present for the birth - they're the same thing, right? Wrong. Something told me that I would need a doula, and after giving birth with one, with Jessica, I will never go back. And, I'm telling everyone to get one too. Yes my mother was there and supportive, but Jessica helped in a different, stronger, professional yet warm, necessary way.

She knew when to speak and what to say; she kept me hydrated and kept me smiling; she was supportive even in the way  where I could just stare at her through a contraction and she looked back with a look that carried me. She was tireless and selfless and beyond helpful. She was also knowledgeable and experienced - she provided our childbirth classes prenatally, and placenta encapsulation and belly binding post partum. 

Before, during, and after my pregnancy, Jessica helped me feel confident and able. 

My husband and I were very sad when it was time for her to go



 I can't imagine having had my daughter without Jessica. This was my first birth and I really wanted to have her without medication and with as little intervention as possible. At first I thought I could do it on my own with the support of my husband. I had done plenty of research and felt informed about the process and how I wanted it to go, but the closer I got to my due date the more nervous I became.

I was being seen by an OB team and knew that one of nine doctors that I had barely met would be the on call physician in labor. I began to feel like I needed a professional that I could build a rapport with. I was lucky enough to find Jessica!

She brought more to the experience than I could have ever imagined. She met with us a few times prior and really got to know us and understood what we wanted. She was a wealth of knowledge far beyond what I had learned during my own research. She answered all of our questions and really helped us feel ready and empowered to have our ideal birth experience. During my labor, she was there every step of the way. Her presence at the hospital with us was key to my perfect birth experience. Her ability to coach me through contractions, laboring positions, overall knowledge, and her help with making sure our wishes were respected by the medical staff were invaluable!



I will vouch for Sacred Birth Services. Jessica was a very helpful part of our birth team. Hospital staff have more of a responsibility to the baby than to the mother. Having her there helped me feel at ease when my labor diverted from the birth plan as it does often happen. You can't always pick who your nurses or midwife are going to be when the day comes. And your husband is just as out of his element as you are. But Jessica is there to help, comfort, and reassure you. Both me and my husband are very happy we had her on our team. Thank you Jessica.         

-A grateful mom


Jessica and I met about the 37th week of my pregnancy.  I immediately felt comfortable with her.  I brought my 2.5 year old son with me to our meeting, and he felt the same.

Jessica is a very good listener.  She was patient as I worked through lingering feelings from my son's birth and helped me learn from and understand them through several conversations. 

My water broke the morning before baby's due date. I planned to stay home as long as possible, but contractions were quickly coming to 2.5 to 4 minutes apart. I had been communicating with Jessica throughout the morning and felt ready to go to the hospital around noon. Jessica met my husband and me there and she was with us throughout my labor, into the 3am hour.

Looking back on Tyce's birth, I know that labor would have been extremely different without Jessica there. She held me up physically and emotionally, and supported my husband and me with a great energy. She knew my hopes for this birth and did everything to help me achieve them.The nurses were equally impressed! Jessica suggested positional changes and read my labor pattern, which boosted my motivation and focus. I am so glad to have shared this experience with her and feel lucky to have had her support. I highly recommend her and would ask her to support me again if we are lucky to have a third child!



Every birth should have a doula. No one understands what a woman's body goes through in child birth better than another woman. 



I loved having a doula. It's wonderful to have someone there who knows techniques to try to get you through labor and to act as a go between between you and the hospital staff. She is someone who knows the kind of birth you want and helps to make it happen and all you have to worry about is just doing your thing and laboring. Jessica did a great job anticipating my needs.  Doulas are worth so much more than what they are paid. I agree with my husband every birth needs a doula!



We contacted Jessica to assist with the birth of our son. Since this was our first child, my husband and I thought it would be helpful to have a knowledgeable, calm presence in the room to guide us through the process. Planning to give birth at the hospital as well, we wanted someone who supported our desire for a natural, intervention free childbirth. 

Even though I had felt prepared, I have to admit that when the day finally came, the experience was a lot longer and harder than I had imagined. Jessica was by my side all 27 hours, reassuring me and my husband the entire time. There were many times that I felt I couldn't continue, and each time she was there to remind me that I could. She was a great support to my husband as well, staying by my side so he could grab coffee or a few minutes of rest. There were several times where it looked like medical intervention was imminent, but in the end, Benji came into the world just as planned and I know that her presence helped make it happen. 

Doulas should be a part of every birth! Jessica is a beautiful spirit who helped make my birth experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I can't thank her enough for everything she did and I would recommend her services to anyone, especially first time parents!



My husband and I decided we wanted a home birth a few months into my pregnancy. And I decided that if we did a home birth I would want, and frankly need, all the support I could get. I interviewed several doulas, all of whom were great. I ultimately decided to go with Jessica because she has a sense of calm that surrounds her. And knowing that things can get a little crazy, it was important that I had someone that would help keep me grounded and focused.

I started my labor journey with a natural induction mid morning and decided to have Jessica come later that night. She arrived and immediately started using aromatherapy and giving me the support I needed. Because of a spinal injury, I had horrible back labor. Jessica worked so hard at helping ease my pain that she ended up sore the next day from all the counter pressure. She did everything she could to help me despite any discomfort it may have caused her and I had no clue until we talked the following day! 

Not only was she helping guide me through my (long, very long) journey, she took the time to ease any concerns my husband had. She showed him things to do to help support me, explained what was happening, and how I was progressing. 

At the end of the day, Jessica will always hold a special place in our family. My husband and I both are certain we would not have had the same positive experience if it were not for her. We are grateful for everything she did for us during the most important and intimate moment of our lives. I can honestly say, Jessica was amazing and you will not regret hiring her :)

Side Note: She also encapsulated my placenta. If you are debating doing it, do it. I had very few emotional ups and downs postpartum and I am certain it was because of my "Mama Pills"... My husband was so impressed with them that he was always reminding me to take them :)



Jessica was a great guide and support throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my son. As a first time mom I wanted someone to help my husband and I along the journey and especially with my desire to have a natural birth in a hospital setting. She was able to help us understand what to expect and helped answer ALL of the questions that I had. She was positive, calm, collected and easy to talk with. When she met us at the hospital, I felt a sense of relief knowing that she was there to assist my husband and I. She created an environment where I felt safe and calm and could be present with the experiences of giving birth. We can't thank her enough for her knowledge, guidance, and support that day. I have such positive memories of my son's birth and am glad that Jessica is a part of those. One of the nurses even commented to me after my delivery thats she LOVED working with Jessica. We will definitely be calling her again if we have another little one on the way.



When my son was born, I did not have a doula, and I didn't have much of a plan. The second time around though, I knew that I wanted a birth without pain medication and did some research. I interviewed two doulas and chose Jessica. Her awesome personality was evident during the interview. She was open to answering any questions I had throughout my pregnancy. Our meetings were very informative, even though I had been pregnant and given birth in the past. She was very supportive throughout my weeks of prodromal labor too. When it was finally time for true labor, she knew just what I needed. I never had to utter a word to ask for anything. She anticipated my needs and helped me through each contraction in exactly the way I needed. Thank you Jessica!